FAQ Go [Verb] Yourself and Kids

Go [Verb] Yourself and Kids

Before we released the app, we gave it to over a dozen people to test. Some of them had kids as young as 7 years old. We heard back that the kids loved the game and enjoyed playing it with a parent or in some cases on their own.

Based on this feedback, we gave the app a "9+" rating on iTunes. But what does that really mean for you, the parent?

Go [Verb] Yourself is a unique type of game. We've seen grown ups make incredibly X-rated stories. But the same story template when filled in by a kid can be completely innocent. The finished story will only be as violent or sexual as the player(s) make it.

This game can be played by kids who can read and write, and is a great teaching tool for young readers just learning sentence structure.

We've also heard from parents of younger children who will fill out the story using their child's suggestions, and then, if there's something about the finished product that they don't like, they'll simply tell the child that "this one didn't work out," and will start another one.

As with any app for the iPhone or iPad, we recommend that you try it yourself first before letting your child have access to it.